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- Our Farm -

Woven Stars Farm is a small, diversified livestock farm located on Mohican land in Ghent, NY. We specialize in pasture raised meat + eggs. 


Our mission is to provide the local community with a viable food source using regenerative and carbon conscious farming techniques. 

- Our Practices -


Animals are a crucial element to our farm. They provide fertility to the soil while sustainably managing pasture land and the forest. Our pasturing method is determined by the areas in which they graze and the needs of our animals. We practiced planned rotational grazing. We rotate our herds based on the plant species growing in the area, the dietary needs of the animal, and the fragility of the soil. We aim for a high stocking density to our paddocks and a quick rotational time, similar to how these herd animals graze and forage in the wild. Our livestock are bred for the quality of their meat as well as their hardiness. They are encouraged to use their instinctual behaviors and species-specific characteristics to remain stress free and healthy.

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Our lamb, goat and beef is:

  • 100% Grass-fed and finished​

Our pork, chicken and duck is:

  • Pasture and forest grazed 

  • Fed local, organic grains

Our meats will never contain:

  • Antibiotics 

  • Anthelmintics

  • Hormones

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- About Us -

Elizabeth and her husband, Emerson, founded Woven Stars Farm in 2016. Woven Stars began out of passion for the environment, animal welfare, perennial agriculture and an evolving interest in biodynamic agriculture.

Elizabeth, "Lizzie", grew up in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. She didn't grow up on a farm but as a child did insist that her yearly birthday parties were held at local farms. She studied Animal Science in college and worked as a veterinary technician for several years. Elizabeth has always been interested in organic farming and particularly large animal science. She moved to Ghent to apprentice on a large, diversified livestock farm which introduced her to sustainable livestock management and rotational grazing. 

Most days on the farm you can find Emerson collecting fallen nuts for cultivation, foraging mushrooms or caring for the apiary. Lizzie can be found giving scratches to every animal on the farm or working with her Australian Shepherd, Hazelnut. 

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