- Our Farm -

At Woven Stars Farm, we are cultivating a sustainable food system in harmony with nature by incorporating principles of permaculture design to mimic a productive forest ecology.  We support a diversity of plant and animal species, creating a mutually beneficial environment that enables our farm ecosystem to thrive. We practice biodynamic agriculture to spiritually connect with our work. Through these practices we honor the plants, fungi, animals and the community around us. We believe having a diversity of plants and animals creates a sustainable and resilient farm system.


Our mission is to provide the local community with a viable food source using sustainable and carbon conscious farming techniques. These techniques, good animal management and land stewardship, build healthful soil, sequester carbon and create a model for our food system.


- Our Practices -

We care deeply about the health of our environment, the food we eat and the sustainability of our food system. Our agricultural practices and the way we steward the land mirrors that love and our mission.

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- About Us -

Emerson Martin and Elizabeth Galeucia founded Woven Stars Farm in 2016. Woven Stars began out of passion for the environment, animal welfare, perennial agriculture and an evolving interest in biodynamic agriculture.


Emerson grew up on a goat dairy and vegetable homestead in the Southern Berkshires and studied horticulture and environmental design in college. He has worked in many related fields such as an apprenticeship at medicinal mushroom company and designing perennial gardens. Emerson moved to Ghent, NY to further his studies on biodynamics and be in a community with other biodynamic farmers in the area. 


Elizabeth grew up in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. She didn't grow up on a farm but as a child did insist that her yearly birthday parties were held at local farms. She studied Animal Science in college and has worked as a veterinary technician for several years. Elizabeth has always been interested in organic farming and particularly large animal science. She moved to Ghent to apprentice on a large, diversified livestock farm which introduced her to sustainable livestock management and rotational grazing. 

Our mission is to create an agroforestry and silvopasture food system. Using specific trees and shrubs on the land, we plan to design a system that can sustain both humans and animals year-round. 

Most days on the farm you can find Emerson collecting fallen nuts for cultivation, foraging mushrooms or caring for the apiary. Lizzie can be found giving scratches to every animal on the farm or working with her Australian Shepherd, Hazelnut.