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Woven Stars Farm CSA

CSA, Community Supported Agriculture, is a way to provide you direct access to fresh food straight from the farm. This type of agriculture gives you a better connection to the farmers and allows you to eat more naturally and seasonally. In purchasing a CSA share, you directly support us by giving the farm funds to invest in the new season and give the farm more financial stability.


Why Join?

- CSA Shares offer a 10 - 15% discount on our products compared to their retail value
- Certain products, which tend to sell out, are saved for CSA members
- Joining a CSA is the best way to access the freshest products right off the farm 
- CSA members are welcome to visit the farm and meet the animals

Pickup Locations

wsf logo Stamp.png


 Woven Stars Farm 

52 Winter Hill Rd

Ghent, NY 12075

Summer / Winter Share

Obercreek Farm.jpg

Wappingers Falls
Obercreek Farm 

81 New Hamburg Rd
 Wappingers Falls, NY 12590

Summer Share

Share Types

Summer Share / Winter Share

Regular Share (Summer / Winter Shares) 

Visit our online store for our current pickup dates

Summer Share:

$530 for all locations with once a month pick up from June - October

Winter Share:

$530 Ghent, NY - December to April 

An example share may look like this:

- 2 Dozen Eggs

- 4 Lamb Rib Chops

- 1 lb Ground Beef

- 1 Package Maple Pork Breakfast Sausage 

- 1 Whole Chicken (3.5 - 4.5 lbs)

- 1 lb Ground Pork

Sausage pic.JPG

Egg Share (Summer Share only)

Cost: $78

Once a month pick up for 5 months

2 Dozen Eggs for each pickup

Egg Label.JPG

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What kind of meat and eggs will I be getting?

All of the meat and eggs you will be getting is raised organically with the highest welfare standards. Our sheep, goats and cows are 100% grass fed and rotationally grazed. This means they are fed exclusively grass and are rotated to a fresh, new area of grass every couple of days. Our chickens, ducks and pigs are fed organic, local, non-gmo grains and are raised on pasture their entire lives. We also rotationally graze them. Our lay hens and pigs have access to organic food scraps, nuts, berries and other forages growing on our farm.

Benefits to purchasing a share?

By purchasing a CSA share you will receive all the items in the share at a reduced price. You will also be directly supporting the farmers by providing them with funds to jumpstart their growing season. This allows them to purchase the necessary equipment and supplies to grow food. You will also be able to come to visit the farm bi-weekly and connect with the farmers and food you will be receiving. Most importantly you will be supporting Organic and Biodynamic agriculture! 

How much people does a share feed?

A Regular Share typically feds 2 to 3 people.

Most of our meat is frozen so you can place it in your freezer and eat it at a later time (up to a year)

Can I make substitutions for different items?

We unfortunately, cannot accommodate substitutions at this time.

What happens if you can't pick up your share?

If you’re heading out of town or you’re unable to pick up your share for any reason, we suggest asking a friend to pick up for you. If that is not possible, please send us an email ahead of the scheduled pick up time. Late pickup is only available for on farm pick up. We must know in advance if you are unable to pickup your share.

How do I sign up?

To sign up for both card and check payment please visit "CSA SIGNUP ONLINE", click your desired share type and pick up location, add the share to your cart then proceed to check out. At "payment" you can choose to either pay by card or send a check/venmo. 

How can I avoid the online credit card fees?

At check out, under the payment section - check the "offline payment" option

Please send a check/venmo to: 

Woven Stars LLC

52 Winter Hill Rd Ghent, NY 12075


Venmo: @wovenstarsfarm 

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More questions?

Please email us at

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