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Woven Stars Farm

The Woven Stars Farm Card, is a way to provide you direct access to fresh food straight from the farm. This type of agriculture gives you a better connection to the farmers and allows you to eat more naturally and seasonally. In purchasing a Farm Card, you directly support us by giving the farm funds to invest in the new season and give the farm more financial stability.


Why Join?

  • Convenient - Can be used any day of the week between 8 am and 7 pm

  • Save $$$ - Each card value is discounted 15% so your purchases get you more

  • Flexible - The Farm Card can be used on ANY products offered in our farm store

  • No Expiration - Farm cards never expire and can be used year-round and are re-loadable

  • Support Small Farms - Your larger upfront purchase (min. $250) helps support small, local farms like ours and others in the area

  • Regenerative Agriculture - By investing into our farm, you will be support farms who practice regenerative farming principals like rotational grazing, humane animal welfare and organic agriculture


What kind of meat and eggs will I be purchasing?

All of the meat and eggs you will be getting is raised organically with the highest welfare standards. Our sheep, goats and cows are 100% grass fed and rotationally grazed. This means they are fed exclusively grass and are rotated to a fresh, new area of grass every couple of days. Our chickens, ducks and pigs are fed organic, local, non-gmo grains and are raised on pasture their entire lives. We also rotationally graze them. Our lay hens and pigs have access to organic food scraps, nuts, berries and other forages growing on our farm.

Benefits to purchasing a FARM CARD?

By purchasing a FARM CARD you will receive 15% extra farm store bucks to use on all products in our farm store. You will also be directly supporting the farmers by providing them with funds to jumpstart their growing season. This allows them to purchase the necessary equipment and supplies to grow food. Most importantly you will be supporting Organic and Biodynamic agriculture! 

When and Where can I use the FARM CARDS?

You can use the FARM CARD every day of the week between 8 am and 7 pm. The FARM CARD is only redeemable in the Woven Stars Farm Store. 

What products can I purchase with the FARM CARD?

You can purchase any and all products inside our farm store using the card. This means you can purchase WSF products and products from other farms which we carry in our store. 

Is There a Minimum?

Yes! We require a minimum purchase of $212.50 - this larger upfront purchase helps us purchase bigger equipment, livestock and other supplies to run our farm. 

Where can I get a digital E-Card or a Physical Card?

To purchase a digital Farm E-Card, please click this link

To purchase a physical Farm Card, you must purchase the Farm Card in person at our farm store


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