Organic Oyster Mushrooms
Organic Oyster Mushrooms
Organic Mushrooms

Woven Stars Farm certified organic mushrooms are grown like no other in the Hudson Valley. We use non-energy intensive practices to provide to you and the earth a sustainable product. 


Conventional producers grow mushrooms on non-organic, sterile substrate (what the mushrooms are grown on) and use excessive fossil fuels to obtain a unnatural mushroom growing climate. We work with the seasons by growing specific cool season mushrooms and warm season mushrooms during their respective months.


Mushrooms are like sponges which absorb the environmental elements which surrounds them - this is why growing mushrooms on organic, non-sterile, non-GMO substrate is very important. 

Our Oysters grow on local, certified Organic wheat straw and our Shiitake are local sawdust. Both are a by product of the farming and wood milling industries. 


Our final product is a nutrient dense mushroom high in vitamins, minerals and protein. 

We sell fresh and dried mushrooms.